Today, we continued our exploration of the Kimberley region of Australia at Raft Point and Montgomery Reef.

The day began with an early morning Zodiac excursion to Raft Point, a site of cultural and natural significance in the Kimberley region. As the sun illuminated the towering sandstone cliffs, guests enjoyed captivating Zodiac tours that focused on photography, birding, and sightseeing. Among the rocks, guests were treated to sights of crocodiles, shorebirds, and even active humpback whales with apparent mating behavior.

After we returned to National Geographic Orion for lunch and presentations from the naturalist team, our expedition continued to the mesmerizing Montgomery Reef. The receding tide revealed an astonishing phenomenon as the reef "emerged" from the ocean. This living reef seemingly surfaced from the water, exposing a thriving underwater world teeming with marine life. Zodiac cruises allowed guests to get up close to the intricate channels and cascading waterfalls that formed as the reef reappeared. Our naturalists shared insights into the unique ecosystem and the creatures that call this underwater marvel home, including the many sea turtles we spotted from the boats.