Intrepid birders got up very early this morning for a hike to visit a known location for one of the most beautiful birds in this area, the red bird of paradise! All were rewarded with the sights and sounds of three adults flitting among the trees and exhibiting courtship behavior!

Our morning was spent diving and snorkeling in this pristine coral reef habitat. Fish of all shapes and hues covered the many corals, soft corals, sea fans, and crinoids of this dazzling reef. The water here is so warm and inviting. It is lovely!

Our afternoon was also spent diving and snorkeling a different reef off the island of Kri. We exited the water on a high as we all tried to process the many things that we observed and photographed. Raja Ampat deservedly holds a reputation as one of the pristine reef systems in the world and today we all got to witness firsthand why that is!