Today our day started at Ranguana Caye, one of the most beautiful places for fishing and snorkeling. Many of the local guides use this island as a hub for popular activities.


When National Geographic Sea Lion arrived at the island, the sky was overcast and there was some wind coming from the north-northeast.


Arriving on the beach, we met the Splash guides, who divided us into groups of eight to give guests the best chance to explore the underwater wildlife and corals. After time in the water, guests came back to the ship for a wonderful and delicious lunch.


Mother Nature delighted us by giving us sun and great weather in the afternoon, so the guests enjoyed not just the snorkeling and looking at all the fish, lobsters, and conch, but they got to play with some toys: kayaks and paddle boards.


Meanwhile, guests back aboard National Geographic Sea Lion got the chance to see a pod of dolphins playing around the ship. For most of the evening, they jumped out of the water to our great joy as the sun set over the Mayan mountains of Belize.