In the morning we explored Rasa, a midriff island of the Gulf of California, one that was never attached, neither to the mainland nor the peninsula. The oceanic island of Rasa is where 95% of the world’s population of Heermann’s gulls and elegant terns nest. We saw thousands of them flying around, choosing the valleys where soon they will lay their eggs.

In the afternoon we explored Salsipuedes, which means “get out if you can”. Geologically speaking, it is different from Rasa. It is not painted by white guano, but by greyish pumice and red scoria, and covered by gigantic cardons and chollas. Long hikers discovered several bays of blue-turquoise-green water, while kayakers found pristine water with interesting marine life. When we thought that the day was over, orcas showed up. A pod of five to six killer whales spent more than an hour with us, until the sun set behind San Lorenzo Island.