Cutting through waves with high hopes of favorable winds, Sea Cloud II spent the day pushing south to Amalfi.

Fair winds and following seas on the Mediterranean allowed the crew to hit the rig and drop the sails for a peaceful morning under sail power. While sails splayed above and luffed in light winds, Lindblad National Geographic guests had opportunities to tour the ship’s engine room, as well as meet some of the officers on the bridge for a display of impressive navigational equipment.

After an eventful morning of learning the ins and outs of Sea Cloud II, the weather and water were all too inviting to pass on the chance for a dip in the salty sea. With no land in sight, crew set up a flotilla of rafts creating our very own salty swimming pool. Of course, no brisk splash in the water is complete without a sweet warm waffle bar and tea station. Today’s sea day was far from salty.