When I was preparing my camera and backpack last night, I had the feeling that today was going to be a fantastic day, and I was not wrong! We started the day very early, at 05:30 a.m., with high spirits. We spent a great day exploring the remote Samiria River.

Our three skiffs formed a caravan to explore the river, and we went as far as we could to look for wildlife. After spending a couple hours exploring, we stopped and looked for shade to enjoy an outdoor breakfast on board the skiffs! This experience was amazing. Covered by the rainforest and with green surroundings and a concert of sounds for company, we enjoyed our meal served in the most fashionable way, hot coffee included.

After breakfast, we continued exploring. At one point, we stopped to disembark on a riverbank and stretch our legs. We had great sightings. In fact, it was extraordinary! We saw a couple of red howler monkeys, small troops of monk saki monkeys, many egrets, and a three-toed sloth. We had a special glimpse of a very rare and powerful eagle. Closely examining our photos and noting the eagle’s size and its talons, we concluded that we had spotted the rare crested eagle. This bird of prey is a birdwatcher’s dream, for it is rarely seen on any given expedition in the Amazon!

In the late afternoon, we went to the river again. This time, our intention was to stay until after sunset to enjoy the nighttime rainforest from the comfort of our skiffs.

It was certainly a long day but well worth the effort! Remoteness and expecting the unexpected made this day of exploration a very special one.