Today we explored a very special and remote location within the Pacaya Samiria Reserve. The Samiria River is part of the northwestern limits of the reserve, and it hides a great concentration of wildlife and biodiversity. Its complex ecosystems host not only birds and mammals, but an incredible array of insects. I am sure many are not even known to the world yet.

Our skiffs departed the ship after a heavy rain that delayed our plans a bit. Once the rain stopped, we enjoyed the fresh air on our faces as we traveled into the main river. Birds, monkeys, and lots of gigantic trees were bathed by a magic light coming through the clouds. It all made for great scenery. Suddenly, the rain came back just as we were finishing our skiff ride, so the timing was perfect as we returned to our lovely ship, the Delfin II.

For the afternoon, we headed down the Marañon River into the confluence of two of its mayor tributaries, the Yanayacu and Pucate Rivers. Both are black water rivers. The stillness of the water made it perfect for landscape photography. All sorts of animals appeared at every turn, and we had a great afternoon exploring the area.

Once back on board, we gathered by the cozy outside bar. Our skilled bartender gave us a crash course on how to make a pisco sour, a typical Peruvian drink. He did a good job teaching us, as they were delicious! Salud!