The beauty of the morning sunrise competed with the soaring silhouettes of brown pelicans and magnificent frigatebirds as guests of National Geographic Venture began their day at the dock in San Carlos. We enjoyed stretch class led by wellness specialist Chrissy on the sundeck. Breakfast followed, and then guests disembarked for the nearby town of Adolfo Lopez Mateo. The drive offered a glimpse of the desert ecosystem and gave our birding guests a chance to spot raptors and passerine birds. The port town of Adolfo Lopez Mateo is located on the northern end of Canal de Soledad, and it is largely inaccessible by ship. With the help of local panga drivers, our guests explored this narrow channel where gray whales raise their newborn calves. After a productive morning of gray whale activity, guests visited the local La Union restaurant for lunch before another round of whale watching in the afternoon. Motorcoaches delivered guests back to National Geographic Venture just in time for dinner.