Today is our last day in paradise. We had adventures that seem unreal, and we bonded as one even though we are from different backgrounds. The Galapagos brings magic to our souls and minds. We traveled to Fernandina (the youngest island) and San Cristobal Island (one of the oldest) on an expedition, a journey of discovery through time.

Today we landed on a green olivine beach on San Cristobal Island. We observed spectacular volcanic scenery during our intense hike. We were overcome by profound feelings while enjoying the present, a moment that will live in our hearts forever. Peaks of tuff rose high in the sky, making this site very different from what we have already observed.

Punta Pitt also has impressive scenery from up above. We observed both clear and cloudy skies, and the inversion layer kept us cool and pleasantly comfortable during our walk. All our senses were heightened as we listened to our surroundings while searching for red-footed boobies. We were lucky enough to see them very close. We also succeeded in finding a San Cristobal mockingbird and the lava lizard that is endemic to the island.

Soon after, we enjoyed beach time. We observed fun sea lions playing on the beach and even played with them ourselves.

Later, we repositioned to Cerro Brujo for our last walk over a white sand beach. We looked out at the turquoise ocean and watched the sea lions.

What a wonderful way to say goodbye to the Galapagos. Today was particularly special. It was low tide, and the ocean was magical, sending in waves of different lengths over this wonderful white sand beach. Then we boarded the ship and passed by Kicker Rock, an impressive and massive tuff formation standing on the shoreline. The sun set on the horizon. At this moment, we are together in the lounge, celebrating life. A frigatebird flies nearby, like it is saying goodbye without anyone noticing. Today is our last full day on the islands.

We made it to the Galapagos, and it was not easy. We have a deep appreciation for those who made it to the islands before us. Today we are honored to be part of their unforgettable experiences. We hope that one day we all have the will and power to make a positive change in this wonderful world of ours.

Our expedition is now over. Life goes on, but we are sure that this place changes many lives, this place that can never be fully described. We all came from different backgrounds, and we shared a magic that will exist in our minds forever.

“We must rethink our indoctrinated mindset, the methodical saying ‘don’t humanize the animals’ and instead ‘animalize the human’ by perceiving our surroundings with all our senses; embracing nature with our true-spirit by coexistence and respect for one another, so we can become one with nature as we once were.” Celso Montalvo

Farewell amigos.