What an exciting day in a local town dedicated to tourism surrounding the grey whale season in Baja California Sur. We embarked on an early bus to the nearby town of San Lopez Mateo. Our morning began with outings guided by the local pangueros for a closer look at some of the earliest arrivals of grey whales. Guests and natural history staff alike were excited to see many grey whales right outside of La Boca where they tend to congregate during this time of year. We were ready with cameras in hand to get the best shots of whales, birds, and incredible landscapes. We had an amazing morning with several whale sightings in Magdalena Bay. The birds were a huge highlight as well as they are coming into their mating plumage and many of the male frigates have bright red inflated chest pouches.

For lunch we enjoyed a locally prepared meal just down the road from the dock. There were plenty of authentic Mexican dishes available and everyone raved about the food.

After lunch several people attempted a second outing to see more whales but were quickly called back because of an unexpected but breathtakingly beautiful storm. We all made it back to the ship safely and were greeted at cocktail hour by the local musical duo Los Coyotes. They put on an incredible show and after a fantastic sunset everyone headed to a fiesta dinner and then to their cabins to rest up for another day full of adventure in Baja.