Today guests of National Geographic Endeavour II visited the island of Santa Cruz, located in the center of the Galapagos archipelago. We enjoyed the different activities awaiting us in nature. We learned about Galapagueno culture, especially in Puerto Ayora, where we landed, and in the highlands of this great island.

A bus took us through the town to the entrance of the Galapagos National Park offices, the location of the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center. We enjoyed a walk while we observed the very small giant tortoises that recently hatched. We learned how the National Park was able to recover most of the endangered species of this reptile.

We continued our expedition towards the highlands of Santa Cruz, where we visited El Trapiche. Here, guests learned how sugarcane juice is processed in an old-fashioned way for different products like sugar and alcohol.

Midday, we reached El Manzanillo in the highlands of Santa Cruz. We enjoyed a delicious lunch surrounded by the green landscape. The ranch is home to giant tortoises that walk freely through the territory. During our walk, we observed tortoises of different sizes as they rested or ate vegetation without hesitating despite the presence of humans.

This adventure was the perfect way to say goodbye to a fantastic day on the islands.