The warm season has arrived with its high humidity, and the rain brings a lot of life and hope to the terrestrial animals. Male finches pose on top of the trees, singing a beautiful song to let the females know they are ready for nesting. The islands are finally green, and the plants are colorful. This is a competition with time because we never know how long the rain will last. In the Galapagos, every year is different. Some years see more rain than others.

This year, the rains are bringing abundance to all the organisms that depend on it. The animals are full of joy, which they demonstrate by breeding and multiplying their populations. Pretty soon, we will have more finches, more mockingbirds, more flamingos, and more flying insects. The Galapagos Islands have so much diversity.

Today was a successful day. We started early in the morning with a great walk, and then we enjoyed snorkeling, kayaking, and Zodiac tours. Baby sharks showed up! Finally, we had a wine tasting as we watched a fantastic sunset at Daphne Major.