Santa Rosa Island offered guests on National Geographic Venture a day to remember. The second largest of the Channel Islands, this 84-square-mile slice of beauty captivated us with turquoise coves, island foxes, and endemic pines.

As we traversed ridgetops and meadows, the feathered inhabitants of the island provided a memorable soundscape for the bird-curious among us. Featured melodies included that of the western meadowlark, loggerhead shrikes, California towhees, Anna’s hummingbird, Bewick’s wren, and the familiar and haunting ruckus of the raven.

After a full day of hiking and Zodiac cruising, we gathered to revel in the underwater world. Nick Brown and Jim Coyer, our diving team, guided us through dive footage and kelp stories. Santa Rosa’s terrestrial and marine worlds enchanted all of us today — we will not forget her shores.