Early in the morning before breakfast, we set off for our first outing of the day. A wet landing on the beach marked the beginning of a fantastic expedition to watch seabirds, like boobies and pelicans diving for fish. Tracks on the sand showed us that turtles were laying eggs during the night. Land birds like Galapagos hawks hang out on the island, as they feed on the young turtles and ghost crabs that abound here.

We returned to the ship for breakfast while the ship navigated to Buccaneer Cove. We enjoyed several options like kayaking and paddleboarding, and we encountered wildlife along the beautiful cliffs of marvelous geology, as well as in the surrounding waters full of fish.

Snorkeling here is amazing due to the abundance of fish, including various types and colors. We enjoyed the always unique and playful Galapagos sea lions, rays, and sharks.

The afternoon was very interesting. Some groups took a hike along the shore to enjoy the marvelous and varied wildlife of Puerto Egas. Without much difficulty, we saw and photographed marine iguanas, sea lions, fur seals, and all kinds of marine and migratory species. Some people decided to take it easy on the beach, where they took pictures, strolled along the beach, or snorkeled with hopes of seeing even more incredible wildlife.

Yet another beautiful day in the Galapagos Islands.