We crossed into Colombia’s Darien Coast, anchoring early this morning in the deep horseshoe bay surrounded by mountains and lush rainforest in this tiny town of Sapzurro.

The early risers took an ambitious three-hour mountain trail hike with amazing infrastructure and well-constructed stairs to climb 500 feet to the premontane forest, enjoying great ocean views from an impressive watch tower.  This trail brings us through healthy rainforest full of many opportunities to spot new birds on our list, like the golden headed manikin, blue crowed manikins, some trogons, plus a troop of Geoffrey tamarin monkeys.  Arriving on the other side of the mountain, our shore team was waiting for us on the beach with delicious local juices, fruits, and sweets – a good way to be received.

Our morning was a combination of coastal walks and time spent enjoying some snorkeling in this wonderful, friendly Colombian bay.  Our afternoon was in the Town of Capurgana, with an enjoyable invitation from the local school to view a performance of the folkloric dances of this region, along with some very impressive freestyle dancing that was captured by all the photographers.