Saturday aboard National Geographic Sea Lion began with the ship cruising into Thomas Bay. The hazy surroundings made for wonderful photography while guests enjoyed time on the bow searching for wildlife and spotting numerous species of birds, as well as the harbor seals hauled out on one of the sandbars exposed by the lower tide. After breakfast, the day began with kayaking opportunities with the ship nestled in Scenery Cove surrounded by the scenic steep cliffs of the fjord. Guests kayaked around the bay, spotting wildlife such as minks and sea otters. After a wonderful lunch, guests enjoyed hikes ashore, exploring the Cascade Creek trail. Hikes at multiple levels, as well as a photography option, allowed guests to enjoy the wonderful magic and scenery of the incredible trail system, including the chance to witness a wonderful cascade and waterfall along the trail. The afternoon and evening included cruising for wildlife while heading towards Endicott Arm for the next day’s adventure.