Today was a calm day at sea as National Geographic Resolution sailed from Greenland to Iceland. The last ice fields disappeared early at night together with the noise and vibration of the ship as it plowed through multi-year sea ice, events that were a part of the experience during the preceding two days. After the last evening crew show, guests were given two extra hours of sleep along with a later brunch this morning. The visibility was good, sea relatively calm, and in the morning, guests saw some whales in the distance.

At noon, our invited guest speaker, Canadian writer Joseph Frey, presented a story of the famous Sir John Franklin expedition aiming to find the long time sought Northwest Passage. Terror and Erebus, two of the best expedition ships of the British Empire, entered Lancaster Sound in 1845 and disappeared. A decade ago, the Canadian government organized a well-equipped expedition for finding Terror and Erebus. Joseph Frey was a part of the expedition that found both ships.

Early in the afternoon, guests were invited for a galley tour of the ship. They had an opportunity to learn how the provisioning, storage, and cooking are organized onboard the Lindblad Expeditions polar ships.

In the evening the ship arrived at Husavik, a small, scenic Icelandic town. After dinner, guests had an opportunity to walk around the town and visit one of the most famous Icelandic hydrothermal spas.