Today we have a sea day. We are leaving North Island towards the south. The hilly coastline of North Island is clearly visible. Over a leisurely breakfast, we exchange stories about our experiences over the previous days. It seems everybody is happy for a chance to catch up with their loved ones at home and sort their numerous photos. We also have a chance to learn about New Zealand during four different presentations. Javier Cotin gives a very entertaining talk on the seabirds found here. Lee Moll offers insight into the geology of New Zealand and some of the endemic plants and animals. After lunch, we enjoy a rest and then marvel during a talk by a National Geographic photographer. And finally, cultural specialist Birgit Aikman tells us what makes the Māori culture so unique. Our usual cocktail hour is enhanced by a variety of recap presentations, from Art Deco architecture to the birds seen today to undersea footage to more information about where New Zealand is on the geographical map. Our relaxing day comes to an end with a typically excellent dinner and a New Zealand movie, including the popcorn.