Today was a very exciting day aboard National Geographic Explorer! During last night’s recap, expedition leader Lucho announced that we would be visiting and exploring by Zodiac a fjord and glacial area that no other boat had been to before. It was completely new, and in true expedition style we would be the first to visit it.

During breakfast you could tell anticipation was building and buzzing, excitement for what lay ahead. All bundled and on the Zodiacs, we followed one another around a bend to one of the most spectacular sights: glacier blue ice cascading down the mountain side, with bergy bits floating in the water. And it did not end there — to the far right was a narrow but deep channel, which led into a smaller, narrower fjord. Multiple waterfalls trickled down the mountain side, with mosses laying the first layer of succession for the foundation of future plants. Recently exposed rocky ledges made perfect nesting sites for a few imperial cormorants; we also observed some skuas flying overhead.

As our exploration came to an end, guests returned to National Geographic Explorer and were greeted with arm beverages from the hotel team. Everyone around agreed, this new site is a must-visit!