Sunrise is incredible, and it gives birth to a gorgeous day! A full day is planned, and a full day it is. This is our last day on National Geographic Explorer, and more memories are waiting to be made. We are cruising through the steep, narrow fjords of Seno Montañas, en route to our after-breakfast landing at Bernal Glacier.

After lots of fun and awesomeness at the glacier, guests are reluctant to return to the ship. However, we have a date with the Kirke Narrows, and we will have to wait another day if we are late. The narrows can only be passed at slack tide and in the daytime.

With some time to pack and get organized, our early reward is a sun deck barbecue with lomito (tenderloin steak) sandwiches and beer! This brings us one step closer to the Captain’s Farewell Cocktail Party and perhaps a Halloween scene or two.