The Aegean Sea put us through all its paces today, with a beautifully calm morning, bright and sunny midday skies, and then a final farewell evening squall as we headed back to Athens. Our last day sees us in Sifnos, an island with a richly layered history that stretches back to prehistory.

We came ashore by Zodiac to the harbor of Kamares, where coaches took us across the island to the medieval town of Kastro. This inward-looking settlement perched high upon a prominence was surrounded by a thick defensive wall with only a few entrances. White walls, pedestrian alleys, and splashes of color on doors and windows, Kastro encapsulates the chilled ambiance of a Cycladic village.

After returning to Kamares, we grabbed a towel and a drink, and took a dip. Our only concern was that we make it back to Sea Cloud in time for a ship swim there! The water is crystal clear and delightfully refreshing. Once we departed, the afternoon was anything but quiet. We enjoyed a Zodiac safari, engine room tours, and a 4th of July afternoon tea. The evening was capped off with the captain’s farewell drinks and guest slideshow before Mother Nature once again unleashed on the Aegean.