Sít Eeti Geiyí, or “Bay in Place of the Glacier” is my favorite place on our blue planet. It is always a special and immense privilege to spend time in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, and I’m glad to have visited this unique bay today.

We began the morning with walks in Bartlett Cove on the only trails in the entirety of Glacier Bay. Once back onboard, we casted lines and set sail north. Over the course of the day, we had sightings of tufted puffins, mountain goats, Steller sea lions, humpback whales, coastal brown bears, and more along our journey.

Visiting the beautiful glaciers that carved this bay was a great way to end the day. Margerie and Grand Pacific Glaciers are incredible to behold, even on a foggy day like today. Bits and chunks fell off Margerie, and we made sure to pay respect to the Grand Pacific Glacier.