For some of us, today began at 2:00 a.m. as we headed farther south in the Weddell Sea, an area known for large tabular icebergs. With a promising weather forecast, we set our alarms and awaited sunrise.

After a quick nap, we were back on watch before breakfast. We were fortunate to encounter emperor penguins resting on icebergs as we transited east of Snow Hill. Upon arrival at the pack ice, Zodiacs were deployed, and we made our way in search of emperor penguins. We were lucky enough to find them, along with a crabeater seal and a lonely Adélie penguin.

National Geographic Explorer navigated north, transiting back through the sea ice and tabular icebergs. Appreciation and thanks go to the officers and crew who successfully maneuvered the vessel through the ice.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed a talk by JamLing Tenzing Norgay, who shared his experience of summitting Mount Everest. After his presentation, the sun came out in time for a barbecue and beers on the sun deck.

After a successful day exploring the Weddell Sea, we are now venturing north. We are eager to make new discoveries.