The sun was rising and the guests of National Geographic Islander II went for a hike on South Plaza Island, a fantastic small island filled with unique Galapagos species. The colors of South Plaza Island, filled with prickly pear cactus and patches of Sesuvium, a red-colored succulent plant, were beautiful at this time of the day. Galapagos sea lions playing near the rocks, marine birds flying close to cliffs looking for food, and Galapagos land iguanas waiting for the sun to rise and warm their bodies gave us the perfect scenarios for great pictures. After the visit, a delicious breakfast was waiting for us, and of course, recharged our energy for the kayaking adventure along the coast.

In the afternoon, Santa Fe Island gave us the opportunity to snorkel with sea lions, who love to play with people. Late in the afternoon, we scouted the rocky trail of Santa Fe looking for the unique species of Santa Fe land iguana. We found the bigger, lighter, yellow-colored reptile resting on top of nearby rocks, surrounded by incredible prickly pear cactus. The most amazing moment of the afternoon was observing the beautiful sunset from the beach, surrounded once again by playful sea lions.