Today was the third full day of our expedition in Southeast Alaska. The day started with anticipation and excitement. We woke up in LeConte Bay, and we were ready to take the Zodiacs into a fjord filled with icebergs and chunks of ice. Some of the ice was so old that it glowed with a stunning blue light that only glacial ice can reveal. The wildlife made its presence known as we explored the surreal and floating ice. Harbor porpoises, harbor seals, marbled murrelets, and goldeneye ducks crossed our bows before taking flight or swimming off to places only they know.

After lunch, the ship arrived in Thomas Bay, and we readied ourselves for an afternoon exploration of the coastal temperate rainforest. Landing the Zodiacs ashore, we climbed the Cascade Creek hiking trail to see the splendid array of life in the forest. As we moved up the steep trail, we were greeted by falling water that called out loudly for all to enjoy. Today was a fine day to explore Southeast Alaska.