This morning, we awoke to a calm breeze and fair waters off the coast of Sumba. We began the day with a snorkelling session directly off the beach. This was our first opportunity to get in the ocean since embarkation, and it was keenly anticipated by all. The beach offered plenty of shade and looked out across the bay at a large collection of oyster lines used for cultivation. For those who snorkelled, a shallow reef flat led to a drop-off with good coral coverage and fish life.

We then headed to Waingapu Village. There were over 300 people lined up to greet us, and they formed a corridor funnelling us into the main entrance. A dozen horses joined the welcome party and added to the overall splendor. Inside we watched several fantastic dance performances and were gifted beetle nut and fresh coconut.

Once the ceremonies were finished, we walked around the village and had the opportunity to pick up some local handicrafts. There was also a pig sacrifice to welcome us into the township. Shortly after, we returned to the ship and had a great Q & A session with our Indonesian specialist, Leks.