Selamat and greetings to all our readers. Today, we arrived off a bay on the island of Madura in Indonesia. National Geographic Orion has never travelled here before, and we are excited to experience what this island has to offer.

The morning started with a yoga class, which was followed by breakfast and a Zodiac ride to a dock where we were greeted by local people. We received a quick welcome on the pier before boarding buses for a tour of the Royal Palace in Sumenep, one of the outskirt cities of Madura. We were met with a hive of activity, including vibrantly dressed dancers, dancing horses, and drums, flutes, and gongs. The streets were lined with happy and jubilant children and families.

Upon entering the Royal Palace, we were greeted by many school children. We enjoyed a dance and music performance and were offered a huge variety of local foods and delicacies.

Numerous crafts were on display for purchase, ranging from sarongs to batik items, jewellery, spices, carvings, and steel weapons like daggers, sabres, and spears.

Guests were warmly welcomed, inspiring a feeling of wonder! What an amazing place to be! Truly a priceless experience!