Today was a splendid day in Svalbard. Before lunch, we embarked on a series of invigorating hikes, relishing the opportunity to stretch our legs amidst stunning Arctic landscapes. The atmosphere was made even more enchanting by the presence of friendly Svalbard reindeer who were unbothered by our company. We also had a delightful encounter with a pair of rock ptarmigan. The male, adorned in brilliant white plumage with striking red eyebrows, captivated us with its beauty.

The afternoon unfolded with unexpected marvels. We were treated to a memorable visit to a walrus haul-out, observing these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Just before dinner, we were awestruck by the sight of one of Svalbard's largest Brünnich's guillemot colonies at Alkefjellet. As we sailed away from the towering bird cliffs, National Geographic Resolution gracefully disappeared into the misty fog, adding a touch of mystique to an already remarkable day.

With every passing moment, Svalbard continues to unveil its wonders, promising another day filled with excitement and new discoveries tomorrow.