We are still on the Western Coast of Australia. Today’s adventure was in the picturesque setting of Talbot Bay. We enjoyed an amazing early morning of Zodiac cruises. We headed into Cyclone Bay for up-close observations of flora and fauna.

The morning started with a very moving sunrise. The atmosphere of the Western Australian coast sets the scene for iconic sunrises and sunsets. We set off for the Zodiac cruise at 7:00 a.m., heading off into the brisk morning breeze. The geographical landscape is unique in this region. It offers a welcome to the old world with its 1.83-billion-year-old assembly of rock faces and natural architecture. Guests were flabbergasted by the beauty of this place.

More Zodiac cruises were offered after breakfast, which led to a visit to the ship by the local Aboriginal park rangers. The rangers gave a presentation on the cultural attitudes and lifestyle of those living in the Kimberley area.

The highlight of our day was the Zodiac cruise to the Horizontal Falls. Guests in ten Zodiacs had the opportunity to pass through the rapids of this iconic place.