Stepping onto the streets of Taormina today gave us a new feeling, as we were flung right into a town humming with new sights, musical sounds, and smells. Taormina gave us a real taste of what makes up the Sicilian fabric with its diverse historical architectures and cultures over the past 2000 years. Our group particularly enjoyed quiet pedestrian-only streets--some so narrow that barely two side-by-side could fit! At the conclusion of our walking tour, we were delighted to explore the Greek theatre overlooking the city and dramatic coastline.

The afternoon was a joy for film history buffs because we visited the Castello delgi Schiavi, an 18th century villa that was used as a location for all three of The Godfather films. Warmly welcomed by our proud host, we feasted on Sicilian antipasto, explored the main courtyard chapel, out buildings, and the intricately decorated rooms inside the main house.

Our visit culminated when we descended into the original wine cellars of the property for a multi-course Sicilian meal. While eating, we were serenaded by local musicians performing Sicilian folk songs, making for a lively afternoon before we returned to our home aboard Sea Cloud.