Cruising through the beautiful combined ancestral lands of the Laxyuubm Ts’msyen, Kitsumkalum, and Gitga’at Lax Yuup Peoples on board National Geographic Venture has already provided some breathtaking sights. Our morning consisted of anchoring to explore the surrounding bay and inlets from kayaks and on Zodiac cruises. Experiencing the coastline from the water allowed us to get an up-close look at wonderful intertidal organisms like the Pisaster sea star and various algae. We spent the afternoon cruising and searching for wildlife, and fortunately, we were not disappointed. At one point, it felt like the ship was surrounded by humpback whales, and a Steller sea lion was seen swimming across the bow. Of course, the iconic landscape of British Columbia’s prolific temperate rainforest was not to be outdone, and a rainbow broke through the cloudy skies. What a day aboard National Geographic Venture.