We had just turned into the Bay of Islands as the sun came up behind some clouds, offering us a great photo opportunity. After breakfast, we headed to Waitangi for a guided tour. History was made here in 1840. A treaty between the British and Māori was signed to give the English sovereignty. It only lasted about twenty years until the first disputes arose, and a land war broke out. This is just being resolved in the 20th century and remains an ongoing issue. In the elaborately carved meetinghouse, we enjoyed a traditional Maori concert and welcome. We had time to wander the grounds and visit the gift shop and museum before heading back to the ship for lunch. A visit to historic Russell in the afternoon completed our experience. A passionate Maori resident told us about the beginnings of this picturesque town and Maori customs. The weather was perfect, and we mingled amongst New Zealanders spending their summer holidays at the beach. The captain’s welcome during cocktail hour was complemented by a colorful sunset.