National Geographic Resolution spent the day heading south along the northwest coast of Alaska. The day began with the ship rocking in the choppy, shallow sea under a gray sky. After a relaxed breakfast, we watched the seas and broken clouds until Tua’s presentation, “The Spirituality of Vikings and Polynesians – the Similarities and Differences.” National Geographic Resolution continued southward toward the Bering Strait throughout the morning. At 11:30 a.m., our talented coworker Annie Petalassie shared with us her amazing talents. A delicious lunch was served and followed by a disembarkation briefing in preparation for our arrival in Nome and our flights back to our homes. Captain Martin presented an informative talk on ice navigation and how National Geographic Resolution is so well designed for traversing the Northwest Passage. After 3:30 p.m., we could finally see the Diomede Islands, the coastline of the Chukchi Peninsula of Russia, and the Seward Peninsula of Alaska. As we sailed through the Bering Strait, we drank champagne to celebrate the earliest ever passage of the Northwest Passage by a passenger ship! This was followed by continued celebration at the Captain’s cocktail hour and dinner.