Waking up on the back end of the Drake Passage, we made our way to the Ice Lounge to hear our knowledgeable naturalist Kevin Rattue speak on the Antarctic Treaty. Clara Fuegro then educated us on the shipwrecks of Antarctica.

After lunch, the fog began to clear, and the first icebergs appeared on the horizon. Land ahoy! Our first stop, Lindblad Cove, is named after our very own Lars-Eric Lindblad, and today was the first time National Geographic Resolution has visited.

Lindblad Cove delivered spectacular wildlife experiences with snowy petrels, skuas, an Antarctic fur seal, and intricately carved icebergs as far as the eye could see. Soon enough, the show was stolen by several feeding humpback whales right by the stern of the ship, fluking and lunge feeding.

Returning to our new home aboard National Geographic Resolution, we settled in for our first taste of a Lindblad recap. We learned more about the day’s events from the knowledgeable expedition team, and this was followed by yet another delicious dinner.