Greetings from National Geographic Sea Bird! Today, we embarked on an invigorating journey into the heart of nature as we explored the breathtaking Palouse Falls and ventured into the wild beauty of the Palouse River.

Our day began with a visit to Palouse Falls, a magnificent natural wonder. The falls tumbled over rocky cliffs, sending a misty spray into the crisp morning air. The rugged terrain and the backdrop of autumn's colors made for a captivating start to our day.

Afterward, we boarded Zodiacs and ventured about two miles up the mouth of the Palouse River. The river, flanked by golden fields and bordered by lush vegetation, was teeming with life. We spotted a variety of bird species going about their daily routines, glimpsed coyotes on the prowl, and even observed graceful deer as they grazed near the riverbanks. This immersive experience allowed us to connect with the untamed beauty of the region.

As the day progressed, we set a course down the river, navigating through the locks on our way to The Dalles. The journey offered moments of serenity and adventure as we continued to embrace the incredible landscapes and wildlife of the Columbia River Gorge region.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, we couldn't help but reflect on the day's adventures. A chilly morning at Palouse Falls, the serene moments on the Palouse River, and our onward journey on National Geographic Sea Bird left us with lasting memories of natural wonders and the power of the river.

Tomorrow holds new horizons as we continue our voyage on National Geographic Sea Bird. Stay tuned for more exciting explorations and remarkable moments!