Today was the first full day of our weeklong cruise in beautiful Southeast Alaska. We navigated up the narrow fjord of Tracy Arm. We traveled by majestic mountains carved out over thousands of years by receding glaciers. We passed hundreds of waterfalls and floated by icebergs in different shades of dramatic blue.

Guests were giddy and enthusiastic to embark on a Zodiac cruise to get up close and personal views of Sawyer Glacier. We loaded onto Zodiacs and made our way up the fjord. As we approached the ancient glacier, a giant calving occurred! A huge, pillar-like piece cracked and collapsed into the water, creating a fair-sized wake or tidal wave. Guests were in awe and humbled by nature. We were silent to hear the “hoos” of the harbor seals resting on icebergs in front of the glaciers. A mountain goat gracefully traversed the steep incline of the mountain above.

After our glacial experience, we headed out of Tracy Arm Fjord. Along the way, we stopped by “Hole in the Wall,” an obvious name for a three-by-three-foot hole in the rocks under the cascading glacier. The captain safely steered the vessel extremely close to the waterfall for an incredible view.

We made our way out of the fjord to Stephen’s Passage. As we make our way north to the next destination, we are enjoying cocktail hour and interesting recaps. Off to more adventures in the land of the midnight sun!

Text written by: Travis Eldridge