The guests and crew of National Geographic Quest experienced an incredible day. We woke up surrounded by Yosemite-like landscapes in Tracy Arm, within the Terror Wilderness. Huge ice-covered rock faces towered overhead, teal blue waters sparkled below, and unlimited possibilities filled our guests’ imaginations. The sunny blue skies made the ice dance before us. What a surprise! We zoomed over to South Sawyer Glacier, where we saw numerous harbor seal moms with their new pups, a harbor porpoise, and too many cascades to count. After an unbelievable morning, we cruised out of the fjord to a place called the Hole in the Wall, a gorgeous waterfall with a hole right in the middle. We gathered around the bow and listened to our on-board geologist discuss what might have created this hole. We watched a coastal brown bear move through the grass before ending our night by eating dinner with the company of humpback whales.