It was a foggy morning as we entered Tracy Arm, but just as we pulled into our cove for kayaking, the skies cleared. We spent the morning paddling around the turquoise waters and looking at the granitic rock faces, floating pieces of ice, and nearby waterfalls.

After lunch, we cruised up towards South Sawyer Glacier. Guests hopped into Zodiacs, and we braved the chilly weather to look at the floating ice that calved from the glacier to float down the fjord of Tracy Arm. We approached the glacier, watching for calving ice. We were even surprised by a cocoa boat full of pirates, Vikings, and our onboard bartender, Peyton. The glacier was awake and calving, and many of us were lucky enough to catch some pretty large chunks of ice splashing into the saltwater below. We appreciated the warm cocoa and then headed back on-board National Geographic Sea Lion to cruise out of Tracy Arm and make our way to our final stop in Juneau.