This morning aboard National Geographic Sea Lion, we cruised up Tracy Arm, a spectacular glacially carved fjord in Southeast Alaska. We crossed the terminal moraine (shallow bar) early in the morning, and we were well up the 28-mile-long inlet by breakfast. As we boarded Zodiacs to get closer to the face of South Sawyer Glacier, we noticed an abundance of harbor seals hauled out on many of the floating icebergs. We were rewarded with large calving events, and the ship’s crew brought us hot cocoa, which was a wonderful warm-up beverage. Then we cruised out of the fjord, admiring the towering granitic walls, hanging valleys, domes, and waterfalls. It was like a float trip into Yosemite Valley.

In the afternoon, we cruised to the entrance of the fjord and anchored in Williams Cove, where kayaking was our activity of choice. Many of us paddled around the bay as fish jumped and jellies pulsated nearby. It seemed like the perfect way to spend our last full day aboard National Geographic Sea Lion. Then a curious coastal brown bear emerged from the forest to investigate our kayaks and life jackets. Later, we made our way into Stephens Passage and headed north towards Juneau, our disembarkation port. As the rain continued, emotions flowed strongly as we bid our newfound friends and this great land one last farewell—at least for now.