We started our day with a fascinating presentation by Naturalist Erlend Folstad entitled “My Life on Svalbard” and followed this with a delicious brunch. Our ship, National Geographic Resolution, arrived in Tromso around midday. Tromso, an island located just off the mainland of Northern Norway, became a major Arctic trade center in the 19th century.

It was time to explore and my group headed to Villmarkssenter Husky Farm, home to 200 Alaskan huskies. We were able to make friends with these dogs while learning about the internationally renowned dog sled racer, Tove Sorensen. Though it was raining, we were able to enjoy traditional chocolate cakes and warm coffee and tea by the fire in a small cabin to warm up.

Other groups headed to Tromso Museum where they learned about the importance of cod fishing to the region and about the Sea Sami People. Leisure time in town was available to all.

It was a beautiful day full of adventure and we look forward to tomorrow’s morning hikes.