Today we enjoyed observing the architecture in Lorica and an unforgettable visit to the Zenú town of Tuchín. The intrepid members of the expedition appreciated some of the finer things in life, but not before getting a chance to see northern Colombia’s challenging highway system.

After a bumpy start and wistful gazes at Cordoba’s cattle-grazing lands, we reached Tuchín, a town with roughly 800 people or 180 families from the Zenú people. This is a special place where Colombia’s iconic sombrero vueltiao is made.

Each stage of the process was carefully explained, from cutting the caña flecha reeds to stripping the fibers to drying and dying the fibers to weaving and stitching…all to create the finished product.

We are happy to report that no one misbehaved enough to justify being locked up in the stocks nearby.

With full stomachs, in high spirits, and under bruising skies, Lorica was our next port of call. A deluge kept us under cover in the Republican era alcoves, and we spent time appreciating the central market, the quirky houses, and views of the Sinú River.