Our expedition in the Peruvian Upper Amazon continued today with an early outing before breakfast. The Ucayali River near Belluda Caño is an excellent area to search for wildlife during the early hours of the day. From the skiffs, we spotted a couple of monkey species, a three-toed sloth, and many bird species including macaws, kingfishers, flycatchers, herons, and birds of prey.

In the afternoon, we explored El Dorado River, a larger tributary of the Ucayali River. The river is home to a great variety of wildlife and beautiful landscapes. We saw many fishermen from the nearby town working hard and taking advantage of the low river levels that are characteristic of this season.

In the early afternoon, we had two rounds of kayaking. This activity gives you a completely different perspective of the Amazon experience; it allows visitors to enjoy the rainforest without an engine, amplifying the marvelous sounds of the surroundings. Once the kayakers returned in the later afternoon, we visited El Dorado River for a night skiff ride. Just before disembarking, a torrential tropical rain with very strong winds reminded us that we are visiting one of the wettest places on our planet. The night ride after the rain was spectacular! We spotted several caimans, night birds, and even a nesting river turtle.