Overnight, we traversed the confluence of the Maranon River and the Ucayali River where they combine to form the Amazon River. We traveled way up the Ucayali. At dawn, we enjoyed a skiff cruise at Flor de Castana. Before we even made it to the creek, we found a pair of pygmy marmosets! In the creek and lagoon system, we saw hundreds of birds representing dozens and dozens of species. We also met a fisherman who showed us his morning catch, which included piranha, catfish, and more.

After lunch, one of the guides gave us a lesson on fruits of the Amazon. We got to try almost everything.

Later, a few guests went kayaking, and the rest went up Supay Creek on a second skiff ride. Hoatzins were the stars of the show. We also saw a juvenile male sloth that was low to the water, just feet away from our cameras.