Today our journey led us to the enchanting Ulva Island, a pristine gem nestled within Stewart Island's embrace. Our exploration began with several hikes across this rat-free haven, allowing us to bask in the unspoiled beauty of a New Zealand forest. The symphony of nature surrounded us, a rare treat as New Zealand's forests often remain shrouded in silence. Amidst this serene backdrop, we encountered a myriad of endemic birds:  Red-crowned parakeet, South Island saddleback, rifleman, yellowhead, tui, New Zealand pigeon, and the endearing brown creeper, known in Maori as pipipi. What a charming name!

As the day continued, we ventured into the quaint town of Oban on Stewart Island, a place that beckoned with its small town charm. Here we explored the town's nooks and crannies, delved into museums that whispered tales of the past, and had the pleasure of meeting the warm-hearted locals. The afternoon unfolded like a delightful tapestry, adding layers of experiences to our already pleasant and peaceful day. Stewart Island, often hailed as the land of Kakapos, revealed itself as a tranquil refuge, leaving us with cherished memories of this idyllic escape.