Greetings from National Geographic Sea Bird! Today was a day filled with breathtaking encounters with nature as we explored the enchanting Umatilla National Wildlife Refuge. My name is Paul Anderson, and I'm thrilled to share our remarkable adventures.

Our day began with an unforgettable Zodiac excursion through the Umatilla National Wildlife Refuge. The air was alive with the sights and sounds of thousands of birds in their natural habitat. Mallards, geese, and snow geese filled the skies, creating a captivating mosaic of wings and colors. We were also treated to awe-inspiring sightings of eagles and golden eagles, majestic symbols of the wild. The refuge was a tapestry of life and motion, a reminder of the delicate balance of nature. As we glided through the waterways, we were immersed in the sights and sounds of this vital sanctuary.

After this incredible wildlife encounter, we ventured to Crow Butte for a hike. The butte offered panoramic views of the Columbia River and the surrounding landscapes, a testament to the geological and ecological diversity of the region. The sense of solitude and natural beauty served as a fitting conclusion to our day of exploration.

As the sun set and we returned to National Geographic Sea Bird, the memories of our encounters with the wild lingered in our hearts. It's days like this that remind me how much I love this job, as it allows me to share these incredible moments with fellow explorers like you.

Tomorrow holds new adventures as we continue our journey on National Geographic Sea Bird. Stay tuned for more extraordinary experiences and discoveries!