It was a wonderful morning as we woke up to a light drizzle in beautiful Ushk Bay. Shooting star wildflowers, wild buttercups, and chocolate lilies covered the low meadows as guest chose from long, moderate, or casual hikes ashore. With calm conditions, it was also the perfect spot for some kayaking and standup paddleboarding for those feeling brave. While the hikers went ashore, the dive team sped off to do some exploring of their own. A gradual, sandy slope full of echinoderms and tiny cross jellies floated about. It was an invigorating dive at a toasty 42 degrees.

We enjoyed lunch while taking in views of the bay. Afterwards, we were greeted by a single humpback whale that indulged us by bubble net feeding. It was mesmerizing to watch this whale set his bubble net, come up to the surface in relatively shallow water right along the shoreline, and open his huge mouth. Fully displaying baleen, taking a large gulp, and sinking back into the cold water to do it again. It was a privilege to witness such a display in wonderful Ushk Bay in Southeast Alaska.