This morning during breakfast, Sea Cloud II arrived at beautiful Viareggio to drop anchor for a visit to a different region of Tuscany.

Using our tenders, we easily went ashore where our buses awaited us for a short drive to visit Pietrasanta and Pisa. In Pietrasanta we visited one of the bigger workshops where sculptures of all sizes are made with the magnificent marble found in this area. It has been operating and well known since the times of Michelangelo.

After a wonderful Italian lunch in Pietrasanta, we continued our visit to the Piazza dei Miracoli and its UNESCO World Heritage Leaning Tower of Pisa, indeed an incredible historical and architectural marvel. One can only wonder at how it has managed to stand such a long time.

We walked through the archaeological site of the Camposanto, the Monumental Cemetery, accompanied by the wonderful and enlightening commentary of our expert local guides.

Upon returning to the ship and enjoying another wonderful dinner onboard Sea Cloud II, our crew entertained us with sea chanties, and we all had a lot of fun participating. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day!