Today's expedition led us to the ancient harbor of Waingapu on East Sumba Island, a hidden gem in Indonesia known for its rugged coastline. Our arrival was celebrated with vibrant music, bright costumes, and traditional dances, immersing us in the island's rich cultural heritage.

Our day began with breakfast in the outdoor café. At 0745, we embarked on a beach snorkel, exploring the pristine waters and vibrant marine life. Non-snorkelers enjoyed a glass bottom Zodiac tour, marveling at the underwater world from the comfort of the boat.

After lunch in the outdoor café, we visited the Village of Pralieu, famous for its ikat weaving. We were warmly welcomed by the village king and treated to a cultural demonstration showcasing the intricate weaving process. It was an enlightening and memorable experience.

Alternatively, some of us joined birding naturalists Mike G and Santi in search of the endemic Sumba Buttonquail, adding an educational aspect to our adventure.

As the sun set, we gathered for cocktails and a recap in the lounge hosted by our amazing bartenders Ricky & John and the expedition team. Dinner followed in the restaurant, and the day concluded with Undersea Specialist Chris Cook's presentation on "Coral Reef Ecology," offering insights into the marine life of the coral reefs.