At the end of this first week, we found ourselves in the magnificent Westfjords. This beautiful area with stunning, dramatic landscapes holds more than half of the country’s fjords and the oldest rocks from around 15 million years ago. Covered with ice during the last Ice Age, this ice-free region offers the best playground for waterfall lovers. We found ourselves hiking through the amazing landscapes carved in the basaltic layers.

We started out this morning with two options for hikers. Some of us went for a longer hike down the fjord, and others took a hike from the head of the fjord.

After lunch, we had some lovely live music offered by the young Svava Rún, who rendered classic Icelandic folk songs, pop songs, and international songs.

During the afternoon, we sailed to find ourselves at Vigur Island, where we had the privilege of disembarking. After an early dinner on this beautiful and protected island, we had the chance to enjoy an amazing night in the ‘’savage lands” of the Arctic terns. We kept our sticks up to deter the terns. We also spotted plenty of local birds, including some puffin nests, black guillemots, and eider ducks. At the end of the walk and before getting back on board, we were invited to have a cup of coffee and taste a fresh and locally made rhubarb cake.

After a long and incredible day, we headed back to National Geographic Explorer around 11:00 PM for some rest to prepare for tomorrow’s adventure.