Today we headed for the famous Dynjandi Waterfall, located deep in the Westfjords of Northwest Iceland. The day started with overcast skies and flat and calm seas. On the way into the fjord, we encountered lots of feeding seabirds, including northern fulmars, northern gannets, auks, and sooty shearwaters. We observed up to ten humpback whales scattered around the fjord. Some of them entertained us with fantastic views in a mercury-like sea. After spending some time watching the whales, we headed for the waterfalls. Some of us took the three-mile hike to the falls, while the more sensible ones were dropped off at the foot of the falls.

We spent a very enjoyable afternoon enjoying the sights and sounds of Dynjandi Waterfall and soaking up the richly coloured landscape, which looked like Mother Nature’s finest Persian carpet.